Funding goal & project milestones for #d8rules

We have defined the tasks, budgeted the project and laid out a timeline to accomplish a feature-complete Rules 8.x release to be delivered by October 2014, DrupalCon Amsterdam.

1048 projected hours of development and coordination overhead have been calculated by fago, klausi & dasjo. Our companies drunomics and epiqo can’t afford taking the bill for the entire project, but enable us to work on the project based on a community rate of € 45/h net cost.

This means we are looking for a

total funding goal of € 47,160.- (~ $ 65,000.-)

to ship Rules 8.x by 2014.

We need to act now

The maintainers of the Rules module, fago & klausi, are busy working on their day jobs, on Drupal 8 core and maintain the Drupal 7 versions of their other contributed modules. Rules 7.x-2.x was mainly written during fago’s master thesis, a chance that we don’t have at the moment. If we don’t manage to provide funding, the Rules port will be delayed to an unknown future.

#d8rules prognosis

The above graphic illustrates the projected completion dates for Rules in Drupal 8. Funding would allow us to finish the project within 2014. Without the funding, a release of Rules 8.x can’t be expected in the near future.

Rules 8.x port without funding

  • An unknown release date somewhere in or even beyond 2015

  • An incomplete site building experience for Drupal 8 without the Rules module

  • Drupal 8 Core Condition & Action APIs won’t get fixed

  • Contributed modules will have to wait until they can port their integrations

Rules 8.x port funded

  • A determined schedule to ship a fully featured Rules release by October 2014

  • Faster uptake of Drupal 8 for all use cases that rely on the Rules module

  • Possibility to align core Condition & Action APIs with Rules requirements

  • Contributed modules can be ported quicker with Rules APIs in place