CTI Digital

Since 2006 CTI Digital's Drupal team have delivered customer experiences that delight and inspire. As one of one of Europe's leading agencies we specialise in providing end to end solutions to enterprise clients.

CTI Digital is a full service digital agency with offices in Manchester and London. Established in 2003, we have grown into one of the largest dedicated Drupal teams in Europe with over 10 years experience producing innovative and effective business solutions.

Our team of 13 full-time Drupal specialists have delivered a diverse range of medium and large scale Drupal solutions including; community websites, subscription services, ecommerce, intranets, infrastructure systems and web applications for an international client base. Our client base includes organisations such as The British Council, NHS, Sky, Travelodge and Channel 4.

Operating in a simple, flexible and transparent fashion we have been voted in the top 10 UK Digital agencies for Client Satisfaction on The Drum Digital Census 2013.

We're pride ourselves on being more than just a Drupal web development company; we're able to support clients through the project lifecycle from requirements analysis right through to support and maintenance including:

  • Business Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Design & Usability
  • Technical Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Support, Maintenance & Hosting

Our Drupal team is supported by business analysts, project managers, user experience architects, creatives and marketers, who work together to create customer experiences that delight and inspire.

Batch processors

€ 450 / $ 650 (unlimited)

More than a day of Rules 8.x development in a batch. Thanks for sponsoring 10 hours of Rules 8.x development!


  • Name on the #d8rules initiative page, linked from d.o/project/rules page and README.txt

HTML embed:

<a href="http://d8rules.org/supporters#batch-processor"><img src="https://d8rules.org/sites/default/files/batch-processors.png" alt="#d8rules - Let's support the Rules module for Drupal 8" /></a>