An integrated ecosystem

The Rules module has been written to provide an essential part of the framework experience for Drupal developers and site builders. Similar to the reusable concepts of Fields & Views, it provides simple building blocks than can be combined in creative ways to accomplish solutions for Custom content workflows, Automated administration tasks, Powerful business logic for e-commerce solutions and many more.

The Rules module at its core is built upon Events, Conditions & Actions that site builders can use to react when something happens on the site and conditionally manipulate data or execute any logic that makes sense in that context. You may schedule tasks for the future and even perform recurring tasks on a regular basis.

Many Drupal modules specifically build upon the Rules module to provide additional functionality like Rules Link, Conditional Rules, Rules List Conditions, Rules Inline Conditions or the Rules Bonus Pack.

Rules integrations are provided for essential site building tools and subsystems: Entity, Fields, Views, Webform, Context, Features, Search API, Tokens, Paths, Menus, Queue or Field formatter conditions.