Reusable components

  • Like all Drupal 8, Rules 8.x will fully embrace object-oriented code and follow modern programming paradigms. Reusable, extensible and interchangeable services allow for better separation of concerns.

  • The Rules data selector will be ported as a reusable component that may be leveraged by any other module to expose a selection widget for structured, nested data. This will work based on the metadata Drupal core already provides today via the Typed Data API. Imagine having the same autocompletion support for tokens, Panels contexts or Search API field mappings.

  • Typed data widgets & formatters, as well as typed data tokens will also evolve as reusable components that allow to provide form elements and visualizations of structured, typed data in a reusable way.

  • Embeddable Rules UI components: The Rules Link module in Drupal 7 is built upon the Rules APIs and UI. For Drupal 8, integration Rules functionality into the site building workflows of other contrib modules will be much simpler.  Together with an easier integration of parts of the Rules UI, this will allow to embed Rules configurations right at the place where they are needed: Block or Flag visibility conditions, Webform submission actions, …