Zensations Web & Communications

Zensations web & communications is a web agency based in Vienna and we specialize in web development, webdesign and digital marketing to create custom solutions for our clients. We're into Drupal since 2010 and are active partners of the Drupal Austria Community.

Drupal contributions

We are actively contributing to Drupal core as well as various contrib projects and have been greatly involved in the development of Translation Management and fluxkraft. Our team created and maintains the Omega base theme, one of the most widely adopted Drupal themes.

Contributions to the community:

Zensations was one of the co-organizers and sponsors of DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 at which we also hosted a full day of free training on Drupal front-end and theming.

We are active on IRC and the drupal.org issue queue and provide support and documentation.

We fully embrace the open-source spirit. Bug fixes and improvements for contrib modules and themes resulting from our work on client projects always find their way back to the respective project on drupal.org.

Batch processors

€ 450 / $ 650 (unlimited)

More than a day of Rules 8.x development in a batch. Thanks for sponsoring 10 hours of Rules 8.x development!


  • Name on the #d8rules initiative page, linked from d.o/project/rules page and README.txt

HTML embed:

<a href="http://d8rules.org/supporters#batch-processor"><img src="https://d8rules.org/sites/default/files/batch-processors.png" alt="#d8rules - Let's support the Rules module for Drupal 8" /></a>